Welcome to the all new experience of IceTrack Cycling:
the fun, fast and novel sport of cycling on ice.

What is so special about the ICEBYK ?

There are 2 things you need to (and already!) know about ice:
1. it is very slippery and
2. it is very hard (ie hurts when you fall over).

The ICEBYK is specially designed to safely cope with this. Although optimised for the 400m ice ovals, they are equally at home on frozen lakes and canals. To prove the point there is even a team on standby for the 200km Elfstedentocht if the canals in Holland freeze...

And the ICEBYKS are not just about racing: touring round frozen lakes is a magnificent experience and now in reach for those who cannot or choose not to skate.

What is the point of IceTrack cycling?

Every 4 years the Winter Olympics hosts speed skating on a purpose built 400m ice oval:
- the medals are shared out between a few select countries (usually with a tradition in speed skating)
- there are no disabled catagories on the 400m ice oval and
- generally outside the Olympics few spectators come to watch

IceTrack Cycling wants to change all this. The challenge is to open up these wonderful ice ovals to a new and diverse generation of sportsmen and women. IceTrack Cycling aims to be part of the Winter Olympics' program in 2022.


ICEBYK:   Easy to Move, Challenging to Master

IceTrack Cycling is pure sport: brilliant piloting skills and excellent physical ability are the basis
Adrenaline and determination do the rest
Suitable for 10 year olds and Olympic athletes alike; able-bodied or with certain disabilities

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